The Mysteries of Ionized Water
  • Is the Ionized Water good for health?
      Yes. It is. The Ionized Water is not only pure water it can also benefit your health. It has three main properties:
    • Alkaline ion water : When the system electrolysis the water, the contained cation like as Ca+, K+, Na+ and Mg+ gathered around the cathode cause the oxyhydrogen ion increased in the chamber of cathode, therefore the water comes from this pole becomes alkaline water. This alkaline water could counteraction with the acidic toxin and neutralization the acidity physique.
    • Small size water particle group : In general, the particle group of water has 13-16 pc particles. Each group will reduce to 5-6 pc particles after the electrolysis process. This smaller size water could penetrate into the cell membrane more easily thus enhance the metabolism system.
    • Contains ORP value : Negative ORP value could neutralize the free radical to avoid the acidic toxin causes our sickness. The alkaline water has under negative 250mv ORP value could eliminate the damage of free radical (active oxygen) quickly and efficiently.
  • How to produce Ionized Water?
    • We apply the method of electric decomposition to charge the water becomes hydroxide ion and hydrogen ion. The electrolysis cell is equipped with cathode and anode at opposite site and separate by a diaphragm. When we electrify with direct current, the cathode will attract the elements with positive ion like as Ca+, K+, Mg+ and Na+, thus the hydroxide ion increased and the water in this chamber becomes alkaline water. In the meantime, the anode will attract the elements with negative ion like as Cl-, Co2-, No3-, and So4- and the hydrogen ion will increase; the water in this chamber becomes weak acidic water. The water after electrolysis; the alkaline water enriched with Ca+, K+, Mg+ and Na+ could neutralize the acidic ion in our body and drain out. It is good for drinking. The water after electrolysis; the acidic water enriched with Cl-, Co2-, No3- and So4- could sterilize the bacteria. It is external use only and good for washing and cleansing to disinfect.
  • Will the ORP or PH value of Ionized Water be changed when it's heated or placed for a while?
      The main characters of ionized alkaline water are alkaline ion water, small size water particle group and contain negative ORP value. During the heating process or when we place it for a long time, the negative ORP value will reduce caused by the natural oxidation. In general, the negative ORP value will be exhausted after six hours. After heating process the negative ORP value becomes positive but the properties of alkaline ion water and small size water particle group remain unchanged.
  • Why can't we take medicine with Ionized Water? Can we take ionized water with health food, vitamin, propolis or herbal medicines?
      The medicine in general contains acidic chemical substance, therefore it is not proper to take it with ionized alkaline water. Because the alkaline water will neutralize the acidic drug and change its chemical structure. We don't encourage people to use ionized water to take medicine. The funtion of drugs might be changed. On the contrary, the health foods, Vitamin, propolis and Chinese herbal medicine, the small size particle water group could release the effect elements and enhance the absorption, so it is recommended.
  • Why the alkaline water appears frosty color?
      The alkaline ion water has a slightly frosty color is a normal appearance of things. When the water passed through the electrolysis cell, the alkaline ion water enriched with the mineral ion of Ca+, K+, Mg+ and Na+, so it appears frosty color which means plenty of active calcium in the water. It is good for health. If you want to fill the water into hot-pot or heater dispenser, please choose the purifying button for the use of purified water instead of alkaline water.
  • Is any kind of water suitable for Ionized Water making?
      We recommend use municipal tap water as the water source of water ionizer because it has been treated and more safety. Please contact our distributor for detail information and advice. They will consider your water source and suggest the most compatible type to you.
  • What is the difference between the Water Ionizer and RO Purifier?
      RO Purifier uses the membrane to percolate bacteria, heavy metals and impurities from the water by the method of reverse osmosis. First, it could turn the water into pure water and emphasis on this purified function. Ionized water uses the electrolysis cell to charge the filtered water and decomposes the minerals to opposite electrodes. Secondly, the purifier could make water to be functional. The consumption of alkaline ion water could help our body maintains at healthy, alkaline faculty to avoid the hurt of free oxide. The weak acidic ion water could uses as disinfection water and skincare astringent.
  • What is the difference between alkaline ion water from ionizer and alkaline water from common purifier?
      The alkaline ion water from ionizer is made by electrolysis cell so it has ion type minerals. It is good for health and easy to absorb. The common purifier with alkaline powder made by shell ash has particle type minerals. It is strong alkali carbide and needs to be ionized before our body could absorb it.
  • How to choose a good Water Ionizer?
    • Electrode plates have sufficient electrolysis area and good quality material : According to the experiment report if the electrolysis area less than 40 square centimeters will become inferior within 7 months and unable to produce normal alkaline ion water. The quality of electrode plate is different from each other; you may ask your supplier to offer the material certificate.
    • Is the separate diaphragm changeable?The diaphragm plays a separator role in the electrolysis process. When it charges the electricity into water, the diaphragm will collect the positive ion minerals to the cathode and induce the negative ion minerals to the anode. During the process of inter-exchange the minerals may clogged on the diaphragm and reduce its function. It will lose its function by and by. We recommend should replace this diaphragm annually in the hard water area for water quality assurance. If it is unchangeable, they will use the citric acid to cleanse the clogged particles but it will cause the decomposition of the diaphragm and let the separate efficiency malfunction.
    • Could compatible to different kinds pressure of water source and adjust to suitable inlet pressure : Recommend use Constant Water Pressure System could constrain the water pressure within the range of effective electrolysis conditions to make sure the drinking water has ORP value between -250mv ~ -400mv which is good quality promise and the ionizer device has a durable lifetime because it avoid the infect of high building water pressure difference shake to its piping fixture. This invent rectify the formal method which use IC chip to detect the water flow and adjust the voltage consequently. It will cause the water ionizer malfunction and the sediment clogged on the electrolytic cell.
    • Has Automatic Variable Frequency Fix Position System : The minerals in water will stick on the electrode plate of ionizer to induce the electric impedance value increase and degrade the efficiency of electrolysis then cause the ORP value in water insufficiently. This unique system could pre-set an effective electrolysis range; the ionizer could adjust automatically by variable frequency within this range to assure the drinking water is good and stable output.
    • Clean and safety pre-filter system : The main factor concerns to the water safety and the quality of alkaline ion water is determined by the pre-filter system. Therefore you must select the filters which have material certificate and approval by the government. There are many kinds of filters like as active carbon, PP filament, hollow silk matrix, silver-added antiseptic active carbon, KDF filter, and UV disinfect lamp. You could consider the actual need of your local tap water and the total demand of your family.
    • Could appear or select the various kinds of functions like as PH value, ORP value and lifetime of filter : The main benefits of alkaline ion water are determined by the negative ORP value which could neutralize the harmful free oxide. The PH value is another useful reference which could indicate the chemical properties. In general, we should consider the both values. If the ionizer equips with indicators, we can understand the quality of water immediately and choice the mode that suitable for our self. The saving of testing instruments expense is another benefit.