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Home Ro SystemRO Water Purifier AP-07

  • AP-07 RO Water Purifier - Microcomputer Control Type
Product Serial : AP-07
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AP-07 RO Water Purifier

Products Characteristics

  • Patent structure with useful and friendly designs.
  • Self-guided Filter design to avoid error assembling.
  • Upside down prevented design to assure the filter function.
  • O-ring seal design to avoid the water leak.
  • Replace the common pressure type filter to insert type could reduce
        the inner pressure of housing to extend the life of it.
  • Compact case design to prevent the invasion of cockroach and cleanse.
  • Filters arrangement could comply with the requirement of the customers.

    Water Purifying System : 4 Stages

  • First Stage: PP Filament 1 micron Filter
  • Second Stage: Granule Active Carbon Filter
  • Third Stage: RO Membrane. 50 GPD
  • Forth Stage: Granule Active Carbon Post-filter
  • Storage Pressurized Tank: NSF approval steel tank 3.2 gallons.
        Materials of plastic or Stainless Steel are optional.
        Upgrade more volume is optional.
  • Size: W37xD21xH45 cm.

  • Water tube inserts easily Integrating water tube arrangement:
    Patent design for conveniently fix the water tubes.
    The most use-friendly design:
    Filter wrench store inside to avoid lost and keep clean.Filter replace very easy.
    Filter upside down position cannot assemble to prevent error. 100% succeed in self-guided filter insert.

    Stabilizing system:
    Could prevent the trembling phenomena cause by water flow unstable.
    Electronic relief button design:
    Press the relief button could open the housing easily and avoid the splash of water.