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Hydrogen Water GeneratorHydrogen Water Generator

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Features & Advantages:

  • The machine produces Hydrogen automatically.
  • Each function has displayed on the LCD screen. It's light, small, easy to operate and maintain.
  • The technology of proton adsorption can distribute and remove Oxygen to keep Hydrogen.
  • The purity of Hydrogen production is high than 99.9995%. The flow is stable and safe to use.
  • Produce and use Hydrogen immediately. Breathe in and absorb Hydrogen fast.
  • The quantity of Hydrogen production is designed for suit human breath and absorption 150~200cc/m.
 Category Unit  HY-60
 Hydrogen Purity %  dew point < -66°C, O2 < 5ppm
 Output Pressure (MAX) Bar  H Type: 5Bar
 Output Flow cc/min  200
 Pressure Protection Mechanism -  two
 Boot System Detection -  yes
 Internal Blocking Detection -  yes
 Pure Water Purity (Impedance Value) MΩ.cm  1
 Input Voltage V  AC 100~240
 Water Consumption cc/min  0.33
 Power Consumption Watt  
 Size (LxWxH) cm  21 x 19 x 28
 Weight kg  8
 Operation Temperature °C  5~50
 Output Connector Size inch  1/8