Diana pure offers the best quality instant hot water dispensers and cold water dispenser for your kitchen and sink. Including under-sink hot water heater W-106, blue fish hot water heater W-201, under-sink cold water cooler W-103, under-sink hot water heater W-108, instant hot water dispenser W-301 - pressure free type, instant hot water dispenser KG-102, under-sink instant water chiller W-203 water cooled type and under-sink instant water chiller W-205 fan-cooled type.

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Touch Hot Water Dispenser - W760
Deluxe Hot Water Dispenser - W660A
Classic Mini Hot Water Dispenser - KG-520
Instant Hot Water Dispenser P016 - Pressure Free
Smart Touch Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser - W780
Instant Hot Water Dispenser P016-ST - Pressure Free
Instant Hot Water Dispenser W-301
Instant Hot Water Dispenser KG-102
Under-sink Hot Water Heater W-106