Platinum Baked Titanium for municipal tap water
Electrolytic Cell
5 pc huge electrode plate
Electrolysis Area
Electrode plate size9x12=108cm² /pc
In total 864cm²
W 18 x D 23 x H 37 / cm
Faucet Base Drill Size
Diameter 35mm

New Innovation Automatic Reverse-flush & Drain-out System
Smart Faucet with automatic LED monitor display 

  • Electrode titanium plate provided by Japan Kobe Steel.
  • Ceramic Electrolytic Diaphragm imported from Japan
  • LED Display to indicate PH value, Filter lifetime for your reference.
  • Automatic Variable Frequency System fits the water quality of your area.
  • Automatic smart faucet makes multi-functional display and shows stylish shape and really practice.
  • Automatic Reverse-flush & Drain-out System.
  • Could set the auto-cleanse volume
  • Could set the lifetime of filter and appear the volume used.
  • Could set the electrolysis strength
  • When the flow rate reached the setting volume of filter lifetime, the filter change light will flash for 48 hours then the device will stop operation and reusable after change the filter to offer safety water for your need.
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New Innovation -
Patented Automatic Reverse-flush & Drain-out System
This unique D-26 Under Sink Water Ionizer has advanced invention could automatic Reverse- flush the electrolysis cell and Drain-out the residual surplus water after every serve. Drain-out function could prevent the calcium ion stick on the electrolysis plate cause the electric resistant increase and the ORP reduce gradually or even malfunction. The residual water in ionizer may cause bacteria growth when no use for several days.
Patented Automatic Reverse-flush
& Drain-out System
Common Type or Counter Top Change to Under Sink without Drain-out System.
D-26 Under Sink Water Ionizer could automatic Reverse- flush the electrolysis cell and Drain-out the residual surplus water after every serve to maintain the clean condition of electrolysis cell.
Counter top ionizer could release the residual water naturally. If change the place to under sink, it will like the other under sink types without drain-out system face the defects of bacteria growth and clogged electrolysis plate.
Strong Alkali Water PH10 Soak fruits & vegetables
Use alkali water to soak the fruits and vegetables for several minutes could remove the pesticides residual as well as cooking good taste cuisine.
Middle Alkali Water PH9 Drinking for health care
The best health care water has strong
penetration and dissolve ability could gain anti-oxidant and neutralize acidic toxin.
Weak Alkali Water PH8 Cooking & soup boiling
The best cooking water has high penetration, dissolve, and anti-oxidant ability could make first grade and beautiful rice as well as boil the marvelous and good taste soup.
Filtered Water PH7 Drinking and medicine taking
Neutral filtered water with the appearance of colorless, odorless and impurity-less could use as milk powder solvent and medicine taking.
Acidic Water PH4~5 Beauty care purpose
Use acidic water to cleanse face and slightly pat on it could offer the best protection to yield astringent effect as well as gain smooth and glow complexion and we offer the best water ionizer price, please contact us online.