RO System For Water Filter Ionizer - UV Sterilizer Type

  • Patented Constant Water Pressure System
  • Automatic Variable Frequency Step-less Alkaline Water Regulating System
  • Japan water ionizer filters cartridge could remove lead and heavy metals.
        Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect.
  • High level alkaline water could release the toxin of vegetables and fruits as well as the
        high level acidic water could restrain the growth of bacteria.
  • Display and correct the ORP value and PH level.
  • Maintain ORP value in the range of -250 ~ -400mv to gain the best capability of anti-oxidize.
  • Automatic reverse flush to the electrolytic cell.
  • Durable lifetime Electrode and Ceramic Diaphragm are imported from Japan.
  • Equipped with current over-flow and over-heat protection design and heat release system.
  • High efficienct energy-saving circuit technology applied.
  • Microcomputer controls automatic operation from water inlet to fulfill stop as well as reverse flush to extend the lifetime of RO membrane and boost pump.
  • The advanced water saving system could save the expense of waste water up to quadruple.
  • All covered fashion shell for dust prevention and easy cleansing.

    Water Purifying System :
    6 Stages with 5 self-locking Dispensable Filter Cartridges plus 1 UV Sterilizer

  • First Stage: PP Filament 5 micron Filter Code No. SL-PRE05
  • Second Stage: Granule Active Carbon Filter Code No. SL-35
  • Third Stage: PP Filament 1 micron Filter Code No. SL-PRE01
  • Fourth Stage: RO Membrane. 50 Gallons Purified Per Day
  • Fifth Stage: Granule Active Carbon Post-filter Code No. SL-15
  • Sixth Stage: UV Lamp Sterilizer
  • Storage Pressurized Tank: NSF approval steel tank 3.2 ~ 20 gallons. (optional)
  • Size: W28xD30xH39 cm.

      UV Lamp Sterilizer
    • Premium sterilizing capability could disinfect the bacteria, fungus, rickettsia, and algae.
    • Water Processing Ability: 1.0 gallon/minute
    • Lifetime UV Lamp: 8000 hours
    • Maximum Water Pressure: 125 psi
    • Sterilizer Material: Inner use stainless steel #304
    • Body: Space technology material