The Mysteries of Ionized Water
It is amazing that our body will adjust itself to get with the environment. At the initial stage of tasting alkaline ion water, we suggest setting on the PH 8 and try one cup for one day only then increase the volume by and by to fit your body condition. After two weeks consumption, you may increase the PH value gradually but above the PH 10 is not recommended. Please consult to your doctor or pharmacist.
The alkaline ion water is not suitable for the people who have the symptom of hypo-acidity (hypochlorhydria) or stomach excision.
Q : The application of alkaline ion water
  • Can Alkaline ion water to be applied to the cancer symptom?
    • Combined with the development of our economy many carcinogenic substances ingested into our body. When we use chlorine as aseptic substance to control the pollution of water source, the carcinogenic substance of trihalomethanes (THMs) will occurred.
    • In general, when the body cells under disorder or nutrients inadequate replenish will induce the cancer symptoms. Water could active our physiological functions by adjust the nutrition replenish and drain or alleviate the unusual stimulations. The aged people always been trapped in the chronic dehydration condition for natural sake. Thus, consumption the adequate alkaline ion water will good for health and leave the shadow of cancer symptom.
  • Can Alkaline ion water to be applied to the myocardial infarction symptom?
      The heart disease is connected to the inadequate of calcium or magnesium. Thus, drink mineral water contains plenty of calcium and magnesium is good for myocardial infarction symptom. Besides, the timing of water drinking is very important. In statistics, the myocardial infarction symptom always occur in the morning, so drink alkaline ion water in the morning is good for health and leave the shadow of heart disease.
  • Can Alkaline ion water to be applied to the hardening of the arteries symptom?
    • When the cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood reach the high level, the hardening of the arteries symptom occurred. Thus, we need more water to dilute the density and decompose them. The alkaline ion water is good for this purpose and the magnesium in it will bring significant effect.
    • When the blood circulation becomes bad, the blood turn to density and the red blood cells will stick together to cause clog and consequently worst to blood circulation and harm the blood vessel. The alkaline ion water is good blood circulation. The people with high blood pressure or diabetes have a tendency of arteriosclerosis symptom; drink more alkaline ion water is good to drain out the surplus sodium and sugar.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the diabetes symptom?
    • Feel thirsty is a symbol of diabetes, please drink alkaline ion water to instead juice because sugar added drink will worse the symptom.
    • Fatness is another factor to cause the diabetes symptom. Drink alkaline ion water could restrain fatness because the drinking behavior will stimulate the brain to got full feeling and stop eating and simultaneously the digest water will circulate every organ and drain the metabolism waste out by the forms of urine and shit. The alkaline water could accelerate the metabolism and reduce the fat easier.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the high blood pressure symptom?
    • The high blood pressure could divide to high systolic pressure and high diastolic pressure. The high systolic pressure cause by too many sodium ion make the blood circulation increased. Thus, drink alkaline ion water is good to drain the surplus sodium out.
    • On the other hand, the high diastolic pressure cause by hardening of the arteries. Drink the alkaline ion water is also good to release the hardening factors. The reasons of high blood pressure include digest too salty, exercise inadequate, psychological pressure, and smoking but each reason causes blood turbid could rectify by replenish plenty of alkaline ion water.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the liver trouble symptom?
    • The liver is a toxin decompose organ. If liver in trouble, the metabolism will decline, the ability of drain toxin will fail. The alkaline ion water could accelerate the metabolism and drain toxin out to compensate the function of liver and let it recovery.
    • If liver in trouble, the body cells will lose its activity. Drink the alkaline ion water could help the body cells renew and restrain the trouble of liver.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the hyper-acidity or indigestion symptom?
    • Continuous busy and endless working pressure will stimulate the sympathetic nerve and induce stomach acid secretion increased. Thus, the people have stomach ulcer symptom increased. Drink the alkaline ion water could neutralize the acid.
    • The indigestion causes by insufficient chewing because chewing behavior could induce the stomach produces enough acid to decompose the food becomes nutrients. Drink the alkaline ion water should be combined with sufficient chewing.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the gout symptom?
    • Gout results from a build-up in the body of too much uric acid, which forms crystals that deposit in joints and cause inflammation. Uric acid is a substance that normally forms when the body breaks down waste products called purines. Gout can be inherited or happen as a complication of another condition. Mostly men with gout over age 40, but it can affect anyone of any age. Women usually develop it after menopause.
    • Drink the alkaline ion water could induce the uric acid drain our easier.
  • Alkaline ion water applies to the kidney stone or gallstone symptom?
    • We all know that the hard water contains many calcium and it will cause calculus easily. But the main reason in practice is water insufficient cause calculus. The water especially alkaline ion water could dissolve the calculus and consumption enough water could drain the more urine out. It may cause the calculus exit with the urine.
    • According to the report in USA, the people who have 4-5 cups water per day that got kidney stone are less 50% than almost did not drink water group. Besides the kidney stone, the people who consumption many water are rare with the trouble of calculus.
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