Diana is manufacturer and supplier of water ionizes and water ionizer systems. Our products are applicable to counter top life water ionizer machines, under-sink type, commercial type and premium acidic water ionizers.

Water ionizer systems have the following functions:

  • Patented Constant Water Pressure System
  • Automatic variable frequency step-less alkaline water regulating system
  • Filter Cartridge from Japan could remove lead and heavy metals. Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect.
  • Use Japan original outlet hose, stainless steel material, durable and sealed.
  • High efficiency power saving circuit technology applied.
  • Display and correct the ORP value and PH level.
  • When the flow rate reached the setting volume of filter lifetime, the filter change light will flash for 48 hours then the device will stop operation and reusable until you change the filter to offer safety water for your need.

We offer the best water ionizers for our customer, if you're interested in our products, please contact us now and we will be glad to receive your request.

Counter Top E-1296
Counter Top B-864
Counter Top B-648
Counter Top J-1080
Counter Top J-648
Counter Top S-350
UnderSink D-26
UnderSink D-36
RO System For Water Ionizer (DRO-UV)
Counter Top T-500S
DF-550 Faucet For Counter-top Water Ionizer
Acidic Water Faucet Top Water Ionizer DF-555