Platinum Baked Titanium for municipal tap water
Electrolytic Cell
4 pc huge electrode plate
Electrolysis Area
Electrode plate size9x12=108cm² /pc
In total 648cm²
W 28 x D 19 x H 35 / cm
Faucet Base Drill Size
Diameter 35cm

Smart Faucet with automatic LED monitor display

  • Electrode titanium plate provide by Japan Kobe Steel.
  • Ceramic Electrolytic Diaphragm import from Japan
  • LED Display to indicate PH value, Filter lifetime for your reference.
  • Home water ionizer with automatic Variable Frequency System could fit the water quality of your area.
  • Automatic smart faucet makes multi-functional display and shows stylish shape and really practice.
  • Drinking water ionizer for automatic Reverse-flush
  • Could set the auto-cleanse volume
  • Could set the lifetime of filter and display the volume used.
  • Our drinking water ionizer could set the electrolysis strength.
  • When the flow rate reached the set volume of filter lifetime, the filter change light will flash for noticing you to change the filter.

Operation Panel Explanation