House RO system - 4 Stages Type

Products Characteristics

  • The most functional and cost saving type which offers purified water for drinking.
  • Boost Pump is suitable for high water pressure areas.

    Water Purifying System : 4 Stages
  • First Stage: PP Filament 1 micron Filter
  • Second Stage: Granule Active Carbon Filter
  • Third Stage: RO Membrane. 50 GPD
  • Forth Stage: Granule Active Carbon Post-filter
  • Fifth Stage: Granule Active Carbon Post-filter
  • Storage Pressurized Tank: NSF approval steel tank 3.2 gallons.
  • Materials of plastic or Stainless Steel are optional.
  • Upgrade more volume is optional.
  • Faucet - Goose Long-reach
  • Size: W32xD18xH45 cm