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Instant Hot Water DispenserUnder-sink Hot Water Heater W-106

  • Under Sink Hot Water Heaters, Under Sink Water Purifier
Product Serial : W-106
4 Liters
Outer Material:
Stainless Steel #304 Powder Coating
15 A
Maxi Temperature:
Adjustable (Factory setting 95℃)
Electric Leakage Circuit Breaker:
2 P
Mini Temperature:
Adjustable (Factory setting 65℃)
Electric Voltage:
110/220 V AC
W18xD22xH40 cm
Electric Consumption:
750~800 W
Faucet Base Hole:
Dia. 35mm
Inner Material:
Stainless Steel #304
Power Cable:
2 mm²
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Blue Fish (Hot Water Heater - Digital Steam Relieve Model)
Special Properties - Under Sink Hot Water System

  • Water Leakage Detector
    Leakage Detector could shut-off water source automatically.
  • Safety
        Unique safety lock design to prevent from children getting burned by hot water.
  • Technology
        LED monitor displays the water temperature and indicates the water quality.
  • Save Energy
        8 hours period reheating when you are sleeping or go out to avoid the energy loss.
  • Intelligent
        Automatic intelligent type faucet has multi-function usage as well as practice and fashion.