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Instant Hot Water DispenserTouch Hot Water Dispenser - W760

  • Touch Hot Water Dispenser - W760
Product Serial : W760
Capacity: 2.4 liters Outer Material: Galvanized Steel Plate with Powder Coating
Electric Voltage: 110/220V AC Max Temperature: 98℃
Electric Consumption: 780/1300W Size: 17(W)x32(D)x29(H)cm
Inner Material: Stainless Steel #304 Power Cable: 2mm²
Faucet Base Hole: Dia. 35mm Touch Operation Panel


  • Product Feature

Innovation: Brand New Design of Touch Operation Panel

  • Energy-efficiencyIt consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb.
  • Green Material:The best material of thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard.
  • Prevent Empty Burning : Automated Heater Protection
  • Safety:Unique safety lock design loaded to prevent burns.
  • Hygienic:Design of detachable stainless steel tank can be cleaned after using for a period of time. A large 2.4 liter tank supplies plentiful 60 cups per hour capacity.
  • Innovation: SUS316L Ring Type Heater. Bigger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer lifetime.
  • New Invention: Self-priming expansion chamber. New design model greatly reduces the dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispenser)

 Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser
■ Under-sink Hot Water Heater is a very popular and fashion product in USA, Japan and other advanced countries. It could supply hot water instantly and saving space as well as replenish the source water automatically.

[New Invention] Diana Patented Self-priming Expansion Chamber
■ Through the chamber and atmospheric pressure during heating, the self-priming expansion chamber absorbs the steam back for recycling usage. This new design greatly reduces the dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispenser).

■ Due to the high temperature of water during heating, the tank is under pressure. The self-priming expansion chamber can decrease the pressure, prevent explosion, dripping and leak.

[New Invention] Automated Heater Protection
■ When there's no water left in the tank, the self re-setting thermal fuse protects the product from dry boiling and dry start up.

[New Invention] SUS304 Ring Type Heater
■ SUS316L ring type heater is better than U-shape brass made heater. No liberation of heavy metal will occur. It's relatively more hygienic and durable.
■ Heat conduction area of Ring Type heater is twice as large as the U-shape brass heater. It has the features of faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer lifetime.
■ Heater with 780/1300 wattage is more efficient than other brands.

[New Invention] Diana Patented Design - Touch Operation Panel
■ The design of touch operational panel is innovative, contemporary, multi-functional and waterproof.


Self-priming Flexible Bladder

Theory of Laminar Flow/
Huge Water Flow Rate

SUS316L Ring Type Heater

Detachable Stainless
Steel Tank


 New Cuisine Culture by Hot Water Heater

Cooking . Boiling

Spend less time in soup boiling and instant noodles softening.

Use hot water to blanch the meat or vegetable.

When steaming the foods or snacks, input hot water to save time.

Use hot water to make coffee, tea, and herbal tea for your customers is faster.
Cleanse Oil

Flush the dishes and plates by hot water first to cleanse the adhesive oil then wash by detergent could save the time and water.
Hot Water Cleansing

Hot water kills bacteria, could use it to cleanse cutting board, wiper, and feeding bottle.