Touch Hot Water Dispenser - W760

Touch Hot Water Dispenser W760

  • Innovation
    Brand New Design of Touch Operation Panel
  • Energy-efficiency
        It consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb
  • Green Material
        The best material of thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard.
  • Prevent Empty Burning
        Automated Heater Protection
  • Safety
        Unique safety lock design loaded to prevent burns
  • Hygienic
        Design of detachable stainless steel tank can be cleaned after using for a period of time. A large 2.4 liter tank supplies plentiful 60 cups per hour capacity
  • Innovation
        SUS316L Ring Type Heater. Bigger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer life time.
  • New Invention
        Self-priming expansion chamber. New design model greatly reduces the dripping (the flow of traditional instant hot water dispenser)
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