Input Voltage/ Watts
AC 90~240V/80W
H2 output
Purity Water Input
Size (WxDxH)
W117mm x D103mm x H175m

HYW-600 Hydrogen –rich Water Bottle

Produces hydrogen-rich water in 90 seconds

  • Connect the water bottle to HY-100
    by USB(HY-100) to 5V DC(HYW-600)
  • Time setting: 90 seconds
  • Press the red button to generate hydrogen water
  • Automatically shut down after 90 seconds
  • Capacity: 600ml

HY-100 Portable Hydrogen & Water Generator

  • Generate hydrogen 100ml per minute
  • Time setting: one hour
  • Connect the nasal oxygen cannula and press the blue button to start inhaling hydrogen
  • Shut down automatically after one hour
  • Suggest 3 times a day and one hour per time