Hydrogen Purity
Higher than 99.995%
Output Pressure (MAX)
H Type: 5Bar / U Type: 10Bar
Output Flow
500± 10% cc/min
Pressure Protection Mechanism
Boot System Detection
Internal Blocking Detection
Pure Water Purity (Impedance Value)
Input Voltage
AC 100~240V
Water Consumption
Power Consumption
Size (LxWxH)
28cm x 28cm x 31cm
Operation Temperature
Output Connector Size

Hydrogen Generator Cell The safest and most effective hydrogen-production technology

Our PEM + MEA technology equips our products with high H2-producing efficiency, but along with only a small amount of heat. Together with our special heat dissipation module, the machine will not be overheated even under continuous use of 8 hours.

Large Volume of H2 flow

Increases volume of hydrogen per minute would strengthen antioxidant capacity. Our apparatus delivers the massive 500mL hydrogen flow per minute, allowing our clients get more H2 and antioxidant capacity in a short time.

1 touch 8 hours nonstop H2 gas

H2 gas machine with traditional water electrolysis has poor H2-producing efficiency, but along with a large amount of heat. It results in sharp temperature increase of machine, and users have to turn off the machine every 30 minutes to 2 hours to cool it down in order to avoid overheating.

  • Generate hydrogen 500ml per minute 
  • The machine produces Hydrogen automatically. 
  • Each function has displayed on the LCD screen. It's light, small, easy to operate and maintain. 
  • The technology of proton adsorption can distribute and remove Oxygen to keep Hydrogen. 
  • The purity of Hydrogen production is high than 99.995%. The flow is stable and safe to use. 
  • Produce and use Hydrogen immediately. Breathe in and absorb Hydrogen fast.
  • The quantity of Hydrogen production is designed for suit human breath and absorption 150~200 cc/m.

World debut H2 choice
250cc . 300cc . 400cc . 500cc
four grades select

4.3”Touch panel multi-function operation
Double output H2 generator