Model D-21T
Electrode Platinum Baked Titanium for municipal tap water
Electrolytic Cell 5 pc huge electrode plate
Electrolysis Area Electrode plate size:
9x12=108cm² /pc
In total 864cm²
Size W 18 x D 23 x H 37 / cm

Microcomputer executes Automatic Cleansing Flush

The electrode will be flushed after every time you use Ionizer and release the residual water to prevent the minerals stick on it for longer lifetime and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Electrolytic Cell is durable and huge electrolysis area

The material of electrode uses huge platinum baked titanium plate to gain high efficienct electrolysis and anti-corrosion. The common stainless steel or electric coating titanium can not compare to it.

Premium Electrolysis design (5 status PH value regulation)

Could output wide rage of ion water from acidic PH4 to alkaline PH11 to satisfy different consumption require and compatible various kinds of municipal tap water.

Double check design to prevent error-drinking accident

BEEE sound alert when produce acidic water and Automatic return back to produce alkaline water to prevent error-drinking accident.

Automatic protection design to prevent electric over-flow

When the electric over-flow occurred in the process of operation, the power source will cut-off automatically to protect the ionizer from overload damage.

Main-board protection design

When the temperature of main-board or transformer higher than the designed value, the power
source will cut-off automatically to protect the ionizer.