Model D-3000LMW
Power AC220V 50A
PH Value Alkaline Water 7~10 PH
Acidic Water 7~4 PH
Production Alkaline Water : 2400~3000 L/H
Acidic Water: 2400~1500 L/H
(Water Pressure 2.5~3 kg/cm 2 )
Size Electrolytic Apparatus
H800xW800xD600 mm
Weight Electrolytic Apparatus 62kg
Power Apparatus 97kg
Electrode Material Platinum Baked Titanium

Water Ionizer - Commercial Type
The most powerful Water Ionizer

  • Electrodes exchangeable arrangement could process electrolysis and cleanse flush at the same time thus extend the durability of electrodes.
  • Patented invention of electrodes changer could produce large volume of ion water and avoid the clogged of electrode plates.
  • IC board is chilled by water radiator that promises long lasting on operation.

    Commercial Type Water Ionizer Apply for:
  • Cuisine Relative: Restaurant, Hotel, Japan Cuisine, Coffee Shop, Fast Foods, Tea House...etc.
  • Noodles Making
  • Food Stuffs Processing
  • Hospital, Clinics (disinfect, sterilize, asepticize)
  • Livestock Industry
  • Horticulture / Orchid Growing
  • Elder People Rest-home
  • Miscellaneous Other